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Buy MLBB Accounts - Mobile Legends Trading

iGitems has a huge variety of Mobile Legends accounts that you can get your hands on! Whether you need an epic, high-end Glory account to dominate and show off or an affordable account to get you started, we’ve got you covered

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We offer the most pleasant virtual good trading experience available.

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Forget about waiting. Over 90% of orders are fulfilled within seconds.

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We provide the safest trading environment. Buy and sell worry-free.

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Why Buy A Mobile Legends Account?

If you're looking for a Mobile Legends Bang bang account, then look no further. There are many different accounts on sale with offers that let players play the game at different skill levels.>

Picking up an account can also include features not found elsewhere, such as unlocking all heroes/skins available right away or achieving max rank.

Is Buying A MLBB Account Safe?

Buying an account can be quite a daunting process if not done properly, even if you're a veteran of the game. With so many misinformed people out there it's hard to stay on top of the misinformation and lies about ML accounts.

Fortunately at igitems our customer service has always come first, which means that when newcomers get nervous, they have someone who understands exactly what they are going through - because believe us, nobody knows how special these accounts are.

iGitems is a website that specializes in Mobile Legends accounts. We are the go-to place for people looking to buy or sell their old accounts.

Mobile Legends has been popular for a while, so naturally many players would prefer buying directly from trusted sellers than risk losing their hard-earned money to scams, such as accounts offered at meager prices by some other sites.

How to Buy A Mobile Legends Account

Buying a Mobile Legends account at iGitems is effortless. Simply open our extensive list of available accounts and make your choice from there. Once you have decided on one that suits your needs, all that's left to do is register/login for immediate access. With just a couple of minutes wait time after purchase completion, you will receive your lovely new Mobile Legends account.

Now you can check the account to make sure it meets your criteria. As an extra safety precaution, we recommend that before changing any of its details, including name and email address, for example, the buyer should unlink all profiles too.

If you run into any trouble, contact the seller first to see if they can help with transferring your ML account. If so, and once things are set up properly, it's time for some feedback for our sellers, it's optional, but every little bit helps sellers thrive in today's competitive environment.

What Is MLBB?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technology. The two opposing teams fight to reach the enemy's base while defending their own for control of "lanes," which connect bases through three different paths known as top, middle, bottom lanes.

Moba games have been gaining popularity around Southeast Asia, with this being an upcoming medal event at the 2019 Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia! It has also become prevalent outside that region, such as Korea, where it will be televised live on TVN.

In this game, your job is to work together and destroy the opposition by following their base through three lanes into an opposite team's area, all while fighting regular minions that appear from time to time to combat with them along the way. On each side, there are different roles, marksman/archer type heros for sniping enemies at range; assassins who rely on quick attacks, and mages capable of not just casting powerful spells but also having access skills.

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by Augustus
Instant delivery I believe this also comes down to which seller you buy from, you might need to wait for him to come online but mine was instant, probably lucky
1 week ago
by Vallie
liked it thanks you
2 weeks ago
by Davin
buen servicio al cliente
2 weeks ago
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