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The world of Growtopia awaits those who dare to battle against other players. igitems provides a safe way to get Growtopia accounts with unlimited resources, high levels, and rare items at competitive prices. With our Growtopia accounts, you can play the game exactly how you want.

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About Growtopia

Growtopia combines the best of two worlds, old-school platformer and Minecraft. Players adventure through side-scrolling levels with pixelated sprites to navigate obstacles in this 2D platformer. It gives you freedom over how your world will look by creating it piece by piece using different materials. Those materials are provided at the start and allow players to pre-build their world depending on their level of access permissions.

Growtropolis takes classic gameplay elements from old-school platforms while adding new features such as being able to create custom-made blocky houses for yourself where friends can come to visit should they have the keys needed.

The game features all of the usual online game elements. It is no surprise that you can customize avatars using cosmetic items like what's found in many other games. That plays an important role in the appeal and replayability factor as well. And don't forget about multiplayer capabilities where players get to play with fellow Growtopia friends or even strangers from across the globe. It's a great way to make new connections on top of having fun together, too.

Growtopia is a server-run MMO sandbox video game where players can chat, farm, and build worlds. The original release came out for Android in November 2012, following an iOS version and a Microsoft Windows version, etc. While there are no clear goals or objectives within Growtopia itself, the players do have access to the achievements system through quests from NPCs.

The first time you play Growtopia, the game will send a new player to an introductory tutorial world called TUTORIAL. There they're given access to two basic tools: their fists for punching and breaking blocks of wood-like material or metal, as well as any other items that your equipment slots might contain, like wrenches. After finishing up with what's needed before progressing forward, the player gets sent over onto START where more information about how everything works can be learned.

The game is tailored around the building, growing, and exploring of worlds. Players can create new layouts with the help of procedurally generated content. But if they want to keep an area secluded from others from farming, then locking it up will do! By using different types of lock combinations such as Small/Big/Huge Lock and World Lock, players are able to lock down certain regions for their own personal use - whether that's locking away gems or trees needed in order to cultivate food sources like cornfields - you can grow them yourself without worrying about sharing resources with other players.

Why Buy a Growtopia Account?

Do you want to play Growtopia as freely and confidently without worrying about wasting time on tough tasks and difficult mini-games? Or does rare item hunting on a high level seem like too much work, but you still desire those items for yourself or others in-game? igitems has an alternative solution - providing you with a variety of safe accounts at the lowest prices possible!

How to Choose a Growtopia Account?

Before you order an account, make sure you find the best one that fulfills your expectations. If you are looking for a Smurf account, there aren't many varieties, and their prices are relatively low - almost all come in standard stats and similar prices.

On the other hand, buying quality or a top-tier Growtopia account can be expensive, and the prices are mostly based on the account levels and items in the inventory.

High-quality accounts tend to come with higher levels, more currency, and better inventory than lower levels do. They also cost more money because they can grant you some rare items without you spending more real cash on them. Rare items include but are not limited to the following: Diamond Lock, Emerald Lock, Robotic Lock, and World Lock. The One Ring, Ring of Water, Ring of Force, and Ring of Wisdom; Wool Bolt, Aqua Silk Bolt, and Zeus' Lightning Bolt; Eyes and other rarer items such as Ice Calf Leash, Diamond Dragon, Awkward Friendly Unicorn, and many more.

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Instant delivery I believe this also comes down to which seller you buy from, you might need to wait for him to come online but mine was instant, probably lucky
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